Flame Fire Humidifier Aromatherapy

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Color : Black
Size : 17*7*10cm

Experience the Flame Aroma Diffuser: Harness the power of ultrasonic aromatherapy atomization to fill the air with captivating fragrances. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that calms the body and mind, offering respite from stress and even bidding farewell to insomnia. (Enhance the experience by adding 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the tank.)

The ultrasonic atomization process generates a gentle water mist that quietly humidifies the air, while the accompanying LED lights mimic the mesmerizing dance of natural flames. Elevate your space with this enchanting diffuser.

Bedside atmosphere light: Two-speed flame light brightness adjustment, soft light accompanies you to sleep comfortably at night, guarding your beautiful dream.

4. Intelligent power-off: built-in smart chip, anti-dry-burning sensor, automatic power-off when water shortage, to avoid burning out the machine.




Color: black

Size: 17*7*10CM

Weight: 275g

Packing size: 17.5*7.8*10.4CM

Input voltage/current: DC5.0V/2.0A

Working current: ≤900mA

Rated power: ≤4.5W

Water tank capacity: 180ml

Spray volume: 15-20ml/h

Product Operating Instructions:


1. Aromatherapy: Fill tank (under line), add oil & press switch for atomization; press again to stop.
2. Lighting: Press switch to turn on flame lighting; hold to increase brightness by 30%; press again to turn off.
3. Protection: Auto shut off with no water.